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👋 Welcome to YesWeHack DOJO

The ultimate arena to sharpen your hacking prowess. Whether you're beginning your cybersecurity journey or you're an experienced Bug Bounty hunter, DOJO offers a comprehensive free CTF training ground tailored for all skill levels.

About DOJO

Learn: Embark on a vast learning adventure with over 30 hands-on training modules. From Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) and SQL Injection to Server-Side Template Injection (SSTI) and MongoDB exploits, DOJO is your dedicated platform for cybersecurity mastery. Our whitebox approach grants you full access to challenge source codes, promoting a deeper understanding and knowledge of various vulnerabilities.

Custom Playground: Explore the depths of cybersecurity in our 'playground' mode. Design and tackle your own CTF challenges, experiment with diverse backends, and simulate realistic security scenarios. From bypassing Web Application Firewalls to cracking intricate login forms, the playground is your space to innovate and excel.

Monthly DOJO challenges: A chance to shine!

Every month, YesWeHack release a new CTF-type challenge. This allows you to elevate your skills and compete with peers! Here's what you can expect when you manage to solve a DOJO challenge and submit a report:

Moreover, each challenge is an opportunity to showcase your skills and learn new ones!

Ready to Start?

Your journey into the world of cybersecurity awaits. Learn, challenge, and win with YesWeHack DOJO. Embrace the hacker mindset, enhance your skills, and become a part of a global community of security experts and enthusiasts. Start your journey today!